Advanced Foundation Course in HDD

It Covers Rock Drilling, Down hole Tools, Stuck Pipe Prevention & Retrieval and Contract conditions.
  • Stuck Pipe Prevention & Retrieval — Stuck Pipe Problems, Introduction, Recognizing Problem Situations, Mechanics of Differential Sticking, Preventing Stuck Pipe.
  • Down Hole Tools — Deflection tools and techniques, Jetting, Requirements for jetting, Jetting Assemblies, Nozzling the Jetting Bit, Procedure for Jetting, Advantages of Jetting, Disadvantages of Jetting Downhole motor and bent sub, Reactive torque.
  • Rock Drilling — Rock elasticity, failure mechanisms, and stability during drilling.
  • Contract Conditions — General Information, Turnkey Contracts, Footage Contracts, Day work Contracts, Risk Sharing, Technical Specification and Drawings, Sample Technical Specification Such as Scope of Work, Standards, Materials, Safety, Measurement and Payment, Construction Schedule, Contractor Qualifications, Products and Execution.