Basic Foundation Course in HDD

It covers HDD Project Design, Tracking and Surveying Basics, Drilling fluids & Subsurface Investigations.
  • HDD Project Design — HDD Design Basics, HDD Project Design Considerations, Drill-Path Design, Pipe Stress Criteria, Directional Accuracy and Tolerances, Product-Pipe Considerations, Multiple Pipe Installations, Machine Size Selection and other related considerations.
  • Tracking & Surveying — HDD Tracking, Walkover System, Wireline System, Interference and HDD Location Systems, Surveying in Rock Formations, Surveying Water Crossings, HDD Survey, Bore-Profile Calculations, Construction Monitoring, Drilled Path, Pilot Hole, and HDD Performance.
  • Drilling Fluids — Make-up of a Drilling Fluid, Normal Drilling Fluids and Special Drilling Fluids, Drilling Fluid Classification Systems, and Drilling Fluid Additives.
  • Subsurface Investigations — Basic Considerations, Scope, and Geotechnical Investigation: Objectives, Stages, Scope, and Planning.