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Codes of Practice for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)




Trenchless Technology is the family of construction Techniques to develop and maintain the subsurface networks with the least possible destruction. But such result can be derived if and only if the works are engineered properly. If not, such techniques can lead to substantial, and at times, unimaginable destructions, both below the ground as well as above. In order to contain this destruction to the lowest possible levels, a set of directives defining the ways to work (codes of practice) for a particular technique is required. Further, Trenchless Techniques under promotion have been developed internationally and their indigenization to suit the local requirements is also necessary. By developing the codes of practice to suit Indian requirements, such need can also be met. With a view to above Indian Society for Trenchless Technology is involved in developing codes of practice for various Trenchless Techniques Suiting Indian Conditions.


Evolution of Standards


In pursuit to promote the application of Trenchless Techniques, IndSTT has developed a global network of Trenchless Technology Stakeholders like Educationists, Research Institutions, Technology Developers, Machine Manufacturers, Consultants and others. Through this network IndSTT collects, assimilates the information and disseminate it to the users.


Trenchless Techniques are a combinations of several interlinked activities. One variation at any stage in any one activity can lead to partial or complete failure. As the possible variation in the technique deliverable can be substantial, standardization of techniques is a necessity.


Looking at the number of operational Trenchless techniques and their continuous advancement this standardization is a massive work and IndSTT is vigorously involved in developing the standards.  




Through the inputs from the associates and contributors and the deliberations of the working group members IndSTT has developed the first Code of Practice for Horizontal Directional Drilling Suiting Indian Conditions. A National Conference was organized at Kolkata between 24th & 25th August 2007 to release this code of practice. To know more about this national conference please Click Here.


Working Group to Develop Codes of Practice Suiting Indian Condition


To undertake this massive activity, IndSTT has established a working group to develop standards and specifications for Trenchless Techniques suiting Indian requirements.


To know more about this Working Group please Click Here.


To know more about the Terms of Reference and working structure please Click Here.



Development Process


IndSTT, with a view to preamble, has initiated process to establish Codes of Practice for various Trenchless Techniques and other related activities. IndSTT is employing the collective consultative process where all the stakeholders are providing the inputs and then discussing the merits and demerits of each suggestion. The final accepted suggestions after the stakeholder dialogues are being compiled as the Code Document. The process has five stages as explained hereunder:


Stage 1


The first stage is the development of special requirements for each technique and its circulation to all the stakeholders. Such conditions of few techniques have been hosted on IndSTT website as detailed later in this section.


Stage 2


Once the stakeholders are duly sensitized about the proposed conditions next step employed is to seek their comments. Such comments are compiled and provided to the working group members through the working group meetings conducted at various cities. Till August 2007 three such meetings at New Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata have been organized. To view details about the meetings please Click Here.


Stage 3


During the meeting the remarks are discussed and based on the recommendations, the final Draft Code is compiled for the first release.


Stage 4


Once the documentation is ready the first edition of the code of Practice is released through a relevant Conference.


Stage 5


Any Code of Practice is a dynamic document and needs to cater the requirements of the specific subject and cover the aspirations of the stakeholders for a balanced approach, for complete acceptance and adoption in the sector. To accomplish this need, comments on new developments, changes in the previous working methods and other similar changes are sought from the stakeholders and the same process is repeated for subsequent revisions.


Present Status


The Code of Practice for Horizontal Directional Drilling has been released. Should you desire to receive details of this code or a copy of the same, please Click Here.


The draft documents detailing Special conditions and the Inspection Guidelines for the following techniques have already been developed:

  1. Code of Practice for Horizontal Auger Boring (HAB), and;

  2. Code of Practice for Pipe Ramming (PR).

In addition IndSTT is developing codes of practice for few other techniques. These drafts and others under development are under the process of being placed before the Working Group for their consultative and directorial activities. Based on the directions received, final code documents shall be promulgated.


To view these documents please Click Here.


You can send us your comments by Clicking Here.


Vision Documents


In addition vision documents for operational works detailing the following issues have already been developed:


  1. Code of Practice for Safety at Road & Highway construction works;

  2. Code of Practice for Reinstatement of Openings at Roads & Highways;

  3. Code of Practice for Recording of Underground Utility Networks & Services.

To view these documents please Click Here.


You can send us your comments by Clicking Here.


Panel Membership of BIS Code Committee


In addition developing Codes of Practice on the pro-bono lines IndSTT is also involved in developing codes of practice for works where Trenchless Techniques form a part of the main works. One of the recent examples is the Code of Practice for Design and Installation of Natural Gas Pipelines being developed by Bureau of Indian Standards where we are one of the panel members.