Intermediate Foundation Course in HDD

It covers Stress Calculations for Plastic Pipes, Stress Calculations for Steel Pipes, Borehole Stability, and Drilling Operations Management.
  • Stress Calculations - Steel — Steel Product-Pipe Stress Analysis, Installation, Product-Pipe Pull Loads, Calculating the Pull Loads, Defining the Bore Path, Total Pulling Loads, Calculating the Installation Stresses, Calculating Operating Loads and Stresses.
  • Stress Calculations - Plastic — Bore-Path Profile, Bore-Path Geometry for Plastic Pipe, Pullback Loads, Frictional Resistance, Pulling Force, Hydrokinetic Pressure, Axial Tensile Stress, and Resistance to External Collapse Pressure during Pullback Installation.
  • Borehole Stability — Unstable boreholes - reasons and consequences, The principle of a stability analysis, calculation of minimum mud weight required to prevent borehole collapse, Evaluation of the method and the results, Other aspects of practical importance.
  • Managing Drilling Operations — Contingency planning, contracts, economics, optimizations & problem solving issues related to drilling operations.