Intermediate Foundation Course in Microtunneling

It covers Microtunneling Operations, Equipment Selection for Microtunneling Projects, Project Design for Microtunneling Projects and Site Supervision for Microtunneling Projects.
  • Microtunneling Operation — Machine set up, Jacking and receiving shaft, Jacking operation, and Slurry removal.
  • Equipment Selection — It covers the guidelines that need to be followed in making choice of the machine and their attachments. The equipment also needs to perform at its best.
  • Project Design for Microtunneling Projects — Alignment considerations, cover requirements, design grade, product pipe requirements, casing requirements, line and grade tolerance.
  • Site Supervision for Microtunneling Projects — Construction monitoring requirements relative to microtunneling including job site safety, pre-construction surveys, pipe materials testing, microtunneling operations and instrumentation provisions.