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Schedule of Rates 2nd revisied edition
Revision of SoR by DJB & IndSTT
Trenchless Technology Schedule of Rates & Guidelines

Recently DJB has constituted a working group to review the rates of Trenchless Technology including rehabilitation of trunk sewers jointly with IndSTT. The working group is to deliberate on the issues related to for Trenchless Technology operation/Rehabilitation of sewer lines with the following objectives:-
  1. Establishment of Technology Selection Guidelines;
  2. Development of Schedule of Rates for Trenchless Technology Applications covering New installation techniques, Rehabilitation Techniques, Replacement Techniques and Subsurface Utility Engineering
In the deliberations, the following action shall be taken:
  1. Identification of the complete range of Trenchless Technologies for new installation, rehabilitation and replacement of Trenchless Techniques applicable for the works of DJB.
  2. Identification of extraneous conditions expected to impact the works or costs of such techniques.
  3. Development of Technical Specification for each identified technique under ideal project conditions.
  4. Development of Technical Specifications for each extraneous condition for each technique.
  5. Identification of cost/time inputs for each identified technique under ideal project conditions.
  6. Identification of cost/time inputs for each extraneous condition for each technique.
  7. Collection of DJB/MCGB/KMC/ other utilities Trenchless Project Data related to rates, extraneous conditions, and related costs incurred in the previous/ongoing projects.
  8. Development of empirical rates of techniques under ideal conditions.
  9. Development of empirical percentage loading values on the ideal rates for specific extraneous condition.
  10. Collection of market rates for various input material, labour and equipment costs.
  11. Revalidation of empirical rates through the market rates/quotations.
  12. Development of escalation/de-escalation/price variation formula and indices for use in Trenchless Technique/new construction/rehabilitation/renewal projects.
  13. Publishing of technology selection guidelines.
  14. Publishing of Schedule of Rate
Interested Stakeholders & Members may consider submitting their inputs to IndSTT Secretariat for consideration of the Working Group.