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Materials for Articles


The article should be on relevant topic related to Trenchless or subsurface construction. The paper may include up to 4~5 colour pictures related to the topic/project and one author's portrait photograph. The length of the article should be up to 2500 words. The material must be sent in editable word format.

Mechanical Data for Advertisement


Location/type of Advertisement Page Quantity

Page Dimensions

Large Centre spread

6 pages

27 cm X 21 cm X 6

Medium Centre spread

4 pages

27 cm X 21 cm X 4

Regular Centre spread

2 pages

27 cm X 21 cm X 2

Single Foldout

3 pages

27 cm X 21 cm X 3

Media Booklet

8 pages *

12.5 cm X 10 cm X 8

Double spread

2 pages

27 cm X 21 cm X 2

Full page

 1 page

27 cm X 21 cm

Half page

 1/2 page

13.5 cm X 21 cm **


27 cm X 10.5 cm **


3 pages

27 cm X 21 cm X 3


Material Recommended


1.     Computer files in .jpg or .cdr or .pub or .pdf format in high resolution exceeding 300 dpi.




2.     High quality prints at a resolutions exceeding 1200 dpi (quality of reproduction will depend upon the data provided).




3.    Colour Processing / Transparencies in four colours



* Additional pages can be included in the multiples of 4 pages

** Dimensioning will be decided as for the available advertisements / inserts.


Copyright Issues


Ownership of any material submitted for inclusion in No Dig India Journal shall be deemed to be of the person submitting that material. Should the material be owned by persons other than the said person, all or any copyright requirements related to the included advertisement or article, or any other related actions or matters, shall need to be complied by the person submitting the article. It shall be construed that the person has acquired all the ownership rights of the said material by submitting the same to IndSTT for the inclusion.




NOTE: For any clarification you may kindly communicate to INDSTT Secretariat