HDD Good Practices Guidelines

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Development & Management of Subsurface Utility networks and other structures in India through Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is assuming significant proportions in comparison to other subsurface utility laying methods. Moreover, these days, most of the major river / road / water bodies crossings are being executed by HDD method only.


This has also led to a situation where the strength of HDD machines / rigs in India have surpassed many of the first world nations. (India has a registered population of 265 HDD rigs which is more than of these rigs in several other nations).


Needless to mention, such a machine population has got generated due to substantial requirement from projects, however human resources needed to manage and operate such mammoth fleet obviously remains wanting.


To this end, Indian Society for Trenchless Technology (INDSTT), the apex organization to promote the introduction and application of Trenchless Techniques in India and SAARC region, has organized a two day program titled “HDD Good Practice Guidelines Training”. This being a specialized program focusing on the application of HDD in all walks of subsurface utility construction and shall explain proper HDD installation practices from planning to job completion.


This course is expected to be appropriate for contractors, engineers, designers and public works officials engaged in the development of subsurface utility networks as a support tool. The details provided in this course need to be supplemented by the field experience for the best outcome.


Dr. Niranjan Swarup

Director General

Indian Society for Trenchless Technology



Table of Contents



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