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What is Trenchless Technology?


Trenchless Technology is a branch of construction engineering dealing with techniques and related equipment used to develop, maintain and renew subsurface utility networks without excavating continuous trenches. It is a branch of applied engineering, which is State-of-Art, used to develop, manage, and renew continuous cabled and piped networks for transferring signals and fluids respectively. Major applications of these techniques are for Water Supply, Rainwater Disposal, Sewer Disposal, Gas, and Petrochemical products, electrical and telecom signals and other underground networks.


Often known as "NO DIG"

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Usefulness of Trenchless Technology to various subsurface networks



Today we are looking at an unprecedented growth of urban settlement leading to an equally explosive growth  in the demand of water supply. This supply either is made through new lines or existing old lines.

When we look at new lines the development process is to lay new lines. Do you want unrestricted open excavations to lay such lines in already developed areas? Decide for yourself.

When we look at old lines there is a high possibility that due to ageing or other factors they might have developed leaks leading to heavy transmission losses. A major portion of the Unaccounted for Water (UfW) comes from these leaks. Would you relish to loose a substantial amount of treated water in ground due to leaking mains? Decide yourself

Trenchless can be the solution

Sewer & Pollution Control:
Sewer lines again face the similar fate. The only difference in this case is that the infiltrated sewerage gets mixed-up with the precious ground water making it bad. Do you want that or want to rectify the situation?

Trenchless can be the solution

Power & Telecom: Today the power transmission and distribution lines are being transferred from their over-ground locations to subsurface locations. Do you want open cut excavations to develop these networks and destroy the existing urban settings?

Trenchless can be the solution

Oil & Gas:
Initiation of Directional Drilling operations in India was due to the demand of Oil & Gas sector. There are numerous requirements where Trenchless alone can provide effective solutions to network development and management challenges.